A Hostry Festival Signature Project: Total Ensemble Theatre Company

Total Ensemble Theatre Company makes original theatre for public performance.

Trailblazing in Norfolk and remaining unique in the county to this day, the company led by Artistic Director REBECCA CHAPMAN has been producing original ensemble productions with large casts made up of disabled and non-disabled performers since it was established as a Hostry Festival Signature Project in 2011.

The company creates totally original and unique pieces of theatre. It receives commissions from a wide range of organisations to produce bespoke pieces of theatre for public performances and events. Ideas from every performer make their way into all productions.

Its passion is celebrating art and creativity in the community, enriching the lives of every single person that joins the company, whether as a performer or audience member.

With 100% commitment to artistic integrity and a genuine ethos of equality, there is no barrier to participating in fantastic theatre.

To find out more, visit: www.totalensemble.org
Email: rebecca@totalensemble.org

Total Ensemble perform at The Forum, Norwich, as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2017, Image by Simon Finlay Photography