Following on from their acclaimed production of ‘It’s a Wonderful
Moon, George!’ which opened
Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2017,
Total Ensemble presents the world
premiere of its mysterious and
magical production of ‘Boy In The
Lighthouse’ to entertain and delight
audiences for six nights as the Central Production of the Hostry Festival. Living in a remote lighthouse, isolated andforgotten, a young man creates a world for himself with the help of his imagination and the magic that resides in the beam of light that scans the ocean at night. There is a mystery… the solution to which lies within a secret buried deep in the past. Join him as he embarks upon an adventure into fantastic worlds, travelling to find peace in a place where he truly belongs. ‘Boy In The Lighthouse’ is a dark story bathed in light, provided by a stellar cast of diverse and unique performers from across Norfolk, told through beautiful movement, dialogue, music and soundscape.


7:30pm – 10:15pm
The Hostry Norwich Cathedral
Tickets – £15 (£12 concs)
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