Gavin Hewitt is a prolific broadcaster and writer, currently the BBC’s News Editor. He was in East Berlin the night the Berlin Wall fell, he was in Moscow for the fall of the Soviet Union and in New York for the attacks of 9/11. He reported from New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina. In 2003 he was embedded with US forces for the invasion of Iraq.

Three years later he reported on the war in
Lebanon and then on the war in Georgia. As the BBC’s Europe Editor he covered the crisis in the Eurozone and the tensions between the EU and the UK. His blog was voted one of the most influential in Brussels. During that period he wrote a book, The Lost Continent on the crisis in Europe. He is one of the leading commentators on European politics, the European economy and Brexit. He is known for his effortless interweaving of the stories of ordinary people with the high drama of European politics.

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